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Elderberry Vitamin Supplement - 60 Capsules

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Elderberry Supplement

Elderberry supplements have been around for several years and are extremely helpful and beneficial and usually sought after during the colder months of the year.*

With Elderberries being rich in different vitamins and minerals like Potassium & Vitamins C, B6 and A, makes this one of the most helpful immune boosting vitamin supplements on the market.*

Benefits Of Elderberry Supplements

  • Helps Boost Immune System*
  • Contains High Amounts of Vitamin C
  • Helps As A Good Anti-inflammatory agent*
  • Helps Support Digestive Health*
  • Rich in Flavonoids
  • Helpful, Powerful Antioxidant*

    * Good Manufacturing Practice Certified (GMP), VIEW CERTIFICATE * National Sanitation Foundation Certified (NSF), VIEW CERTIFICATE * UDAF Organic Certified, VIEW CERTIFICATE

    Manufactured in the USA, Located near the Salt Lake International Airport, our state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing machinery and processes, we take pride in delivering industry-leading turn-times without compromising on product quality. The facility adheres to strict quality and safety standards, ensuring that every product leaving our premises is of the highest quality.