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Concrete Texture Rollers–The "Original" Weathered Flagstone Texture Roller

Concrete Texture Rollers–The "Original" Weathered Flagstone Texture Roller

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    • WEATHERED FLAGSTONE CONCRETE TEXTURE ROLLER IS PERFECT FOR FORMING CONCRETE into BEAUTIFUL Concrete Floor Designs for Patios, Pool Decks, Driveways, Walkways, also will create unique edges on Concrete Countertops, also creates beautiful Wall Finishes, 1 Day Shower Wall Finishes & More. Fit's Normal Size Roller Handle - Must Use Release Agent & Instructions Included We Will Offer Additional "How To Use" Assistance If You Reach Out
    • VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS WE PROVIDE IN YOUR SHIPMENT, It's Impossible to mess up your project. However Mistakes happen and we are here to help! All you need to do is Call Us! The Original Weathered Flagstone Roller, is approx. 8,1/2" x 2, 5/8", fits a regular size roller handle, Sometimes you need to expand the wires for a snug fit (handle not included), Purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
    • ALL OF SBC PRODUCTS (FORMS, TEXTURE ROLLERS, TEXTURE STAMPS, ETC.) Are Uniquely Created & Designed by the Founder of SBC “Bryan Gauthier, NONE of SBC Products are copies of any other designs you see on the market! SBC Concrete Countertop Forms, Stamps, Rollers, Offer THE MOST "Pristine" Textures you will find! A Few other #1 SBC Concrete Texture Rollers: The Weathered Flagstone "Border" Roller ASIN B08D7QZ97G, MED. SLATE ROLLER ASIN B085K2GJHN & CLASSY GRANITE ROLLER ASIN B07KBGFZV4.
    • EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to use this or ANY Texture Rollers, Stamps, etc. You will need to understand how to work with stamped concrete in order to achieve the texture design this Narrow Slate Roller Will Create. We provide basic videos, & YOU CAN call us For assistance OR BETTER YET, Come Take A Class With US, We Offer Top Training So YOU Can Achieve High-End Results!


      The Original Weathered Flagstone Roller, is approximately 8,1/2" x 2, 5/8" and fit a regular size roller handle (handle not included)

      Handle can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

      • PRODUCTION TIPS: IF Covering Walls, Backsplashes, Showers, etc. Mask off surrounding areas & spray Cementitious Material onto the wall using a Professional Sheet Rock Hopper Gun (We highly recommend Marshalltown Hopper Guns, the Red & Blue is our favorite!) Use the hopper gun to get a large amount of material onto the wall in a timely manner. Someone else on the Crew or a Family Member can focus on Troweling the material flat and at a minimum of an 1/8" to 1/4" IS BEST!
      • PRO TEXTURING TIP: IF you step back and see any Repetition (especially with the Weathered Flagstone), lightly texture East and West or any direction in addition to the normal North and South texturing method. the more directions you texture, the tighter the pattern will become or helpful in changing the appearance of not being repetitious.
      Certified (GMP) Certified (NSF) (UDAF) Organic Certified Natural Products Association Member Manufactured in USA-Business License View full details