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Concrete Texture Roller - Cobble Stone Texture Roller

Concrete Texture Roller - Cobble Stone Texture Roller

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Concrete Stone Texture Roller - Cobble Stone Roller

  • The Cobble Stone Roller Is Great for any Weeping Water Walls. Interior and exterior walls, sidewalks or flooring, coffee tables, and countertops. Also, classy under countertops and barbecue walls, or as a surrounding texture upon hanging art panels.

  • ALL OF SBC PRODUCTS (MOLDS, FORMS, TEXTURE ROLLERS, TEXTURE STAMPS, ETC.) Are Uniquely Created & Designed by the Founder of SBC “Bryan Gauthier, NONE of SBC Products are copies of any other designs you see on the market! SBC Concrete Countertop Forms, Stamps, Rollers, Sink Molds, Offer THE MOST "Pristine" Textures you will find!.

  • SBC TRAINING & PRODUCTS "MOST" INNOVATIVE BY FAR! 1st Place Winner, 3 Yrs In A Row of MIP At WOC,Our Forms, Molds and Texture Tools are manufactured using High-End Quality Materials. When you purchase products through SBC you can count on receiving very high quality, strong, reliable products! You can use our forms, rollers, molds and stamps many times over, simply clean them thoroughly after each use, and keep them in a climate-controlled atmosphere and you will have your forms for many years!

  • EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to use this or ANY Texture Rollers, Stamps, etc. You will need to understand how to work with stamped concrete in order to achieve the texture design these Rollers Will Create. We provide basic videos, & YOU CAN call us For assistance OR BETTER YET, Come Take A Class With US, We Offer Top Training So YOU Can Achieve High-End Results!

Certified (GMP) Certified (NSF) (UDAF) Organic Certified Natural Products Association Member Manufactured in USA-Business License View full details