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Brave Heart - Ultra-Dark Roast Coffee

Brave Heart - Ultra-Dark Roast Coffee

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Roast: Ultra-Dark Roast Coffee
Character: Dark Chocolate, Balanced Smoke, Smooth

Our Brave Heart ultra-dark roast coffee is as dark as we go with any coffee. That being said, we don’t burn or char the coffee, resulting in acrid or burnt rubber tastes. We still skillfully roast this coffee to a point where you can enjoy the deep rich chocolate notes and balanced smoke while still being smooth and not bitter. This coffee is perfect for someone who loves a good dark roast with or without milk and sugar.


  • Washed Whole Bean Coffee
  • Ground For Home/Office.

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Certified (GMP) Certified (NSF) (UDAF) Organic Certified Natural Products Association Member Manufactured in USA-Business License View full details